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Eddie Hearn replies to fans on the internet | Actually Me | British GQ

  • Publicado em 23 Set 2023
  • Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn goes undercover on the internet for this episode of GQ Actually Me and responds to real comments from fans on Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Wikipedia, Reddit, BRclip and TikTok. Is Eddie Hearn one of the biggest wind-ups in boxing? What is Eddie Hearn's favourite ring music?
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Comentários • 0

  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker Anos atrás +419

    Why does Eddie get so much hate? He's got a great sense of humour and a bloody class promoter. What he said about AJ in the post fight press conference was one of the most genuine, classiest things I've seen. Decent bloke

    • dannie margetts
      dannie margetts Anos atrás +68

      people hate on him for being good at his job, he talks and he sells fights, it rubs people the wrong way but they dont realise that by them hating him he's getting the hype and publicity he wants. best boxing promoter ever by far

    • stephen tarr
      stephen tarr Anos atrás +1


    • EG EG
      EG EG Anos atrás +14

      @stephen tarr and wouldnt you?

    • Jb
      Jb Anos atrás +2

      People jealous

    • Tom Robinson
      Tom Robinson Anos atrás

      @Jb I don’t think people are jealous about Eddie it’s more banter and a laugh more than jealousy

  • Gordon Shaw
    Gordon Shaw Anos atrás +134

    You have to love Eddie Hearn, he’s full of fluff and great entertainment but at the end of the day he redeemed himself by not taking himself too seriously. I actually enjoy watching him promote boxing and I think he is good for the sport

    • RockyWilson
      RockyWilson Anos atrás

      He has a charming swagger

    • Ixion73
      Ixion73 Anos atrás

      HaHa best joke I have seen on the Interwebs, Eddie Hearn good for Boxing hahahahahaha, the blokes a tool, who lives off of his fathers reputation. He is the Puppet that is being controlled, he also puts most of his boxers in no win situations, when they need the win the most

    • LostChances
      LostChances Anos atrás

      @Ixion73 still has more money than anyone, So off ya go

    • Ixion73
      Ixion73 Anos atrás

      @LostChances More money than Anyone.....! I will give the best response this sentence deserves.....

    • scott simpson
      scott simpson 11 meses atrás

      @Ixion73 Elon musk is on line 2 waiting for you to click over. He wants to talk

  • Jesse
    Jesse Anos atrás +960

    Eddie Hearn is such a geezer

    • Induna123
      Induna123 Anos atrás +15

      The man is solid cheese

    • Hunter
      Hunter Anos atrás +3

      @Induna123 solid cheese?

    • LSD-Rick B-172
      LSD-Rick B-172 Anos atrás +4

      He's a meme

    • Akmal Danial
      Akmal Danial Anos atrás +2

      @Hunter Nacho cheese

    • Alex Turner
      Alex Turner Anos atrás +3

      He’s a Vegan sausage masquerading as a real 1…..

  • Chris Andre Boxing
    Chris Andre Boxing Anos atrás +139

    Thanks GQ for featuring the tweet, and great response from Eddie 🤣👏 this is where eddie is at his best as a promoter in my opinion, when he's interacting with fans. Personality goes a long way when it comes to sales

    • Kings
      Kings Anos atrás +1

      man like Chris Andre!! "all in the video" - suge knight voice

    • Chris Andre Boxing
      Chris Andre Boxing Anos atrás +1

      @Kings 🤣🤣🤣

  • AA10
    AA10 Anos atrás +103

    Eddie is such a legend, he’s an amazing promoter🙏

  • Tom Perry
    Tom Perry Anos atrás +92

    Eddie seems like a really funny guy...definetly a geezer

    • Julius Cee
      Julius Cee Anos atrás

      what a word, geezer... Only you britains can make up and pronounce words that hilarious ^^

    • Nick511
      Nick511 Anos atrás

      @Julius Cee 24th August 1814

    • Julius Cee
      Julius Cee Anos atrás +1

      @Nick511 close...

    • Nick511
      Nick511 Anos atrás

      @Julius Cee ah

    • Nikku
      Nikku Anos atrás

      what does geezer mean

  • A Cook
    A Cook Anos atrás +78

    This guys a banter legend

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller Anos atrás +56

    Boxing wouldn’t be boxing without our Eddie. Eddie always makes me happy

  • Nocto
    Nocto Anos atrás +7

    His Dad must be so proud of him, Really took the mantle and he's a good influence in boxing.

  • Sports fan 74
    Sports fan 74 Anos atrás +32

    I feel sorry for the person having to type all this. Eddie's seems to go on and on with his answers but that's why I'm a fan 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MoAz
    MoAz Anos atrás +17

    I would love to do business with Eddie Hearn, straight talking and definitely got an amazing business brain, the quote he mentioned stays by me
    ‘Find a job you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life’ and I know he has a job like that, would love to be part of something like this, not for the money but the buzz and adrenaline

  • Andy David
    Andy David Anos atrás +626

    “Cyborg is a good fighter”
    GQ: shows photo of Amanda Nunes with two belts

    • ruffness1
      ruffness1 Anos atrás +48

      How was that not picked out? Embarrassing

    • MeehalMyers
      MeehalMyers Anos atrás +28

      @ruffness1 GQ googled cyborg photos and seen a pic of a fighter with 2 belts and thought. yup cool photo.

    • Matt Kitchens
      Matt Kitchens Anos atrás +18

      Thank god i'm not the only person who caught that

    • Mathieu
      Mathieu Anos atrás +7

      Came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed!

    • Jwright
      Jwright Anos atrás +18

      Even worse I think that picture was after Nunes obliterated Cyborg 😂

  • o7Freedom
    o7Freedom Anos atrás +34

    the problem with American humor is that most of us associate sarcasm too strongly with offense (as with anything else that might be funny) to even consider laughing at the joke even if we _do_ get it.

  • prakash dayani
    prakash dayani Anos atrás +17

    You can tell he loves himself so much... and there's nothing wrong with that...

  • Fidel Montagu
    Fidel Montagu Anos atrás +5

    Eddy Hearn is so interesting to listen to. And I like that he totally believes in himself. Boxing needs promotors like him. My dream would be for him and Frank Warren to work together... What a power house team that would be, two of the sharpest promotors in boxing and there British.🧐🧐🧐

    • Dillon Mitchell
      Dillon Mitchell Anos atrás

      very unlikely considering his dad and Frank go way back as long term british promoting rivals

    • Fidel Montagu
      Fidel Montagu Anos atrás +1

      @Dillon Mitchell Never forget... Nothing is impossible. And I'm putting it out there, because nothing would make me happier as a fan of the sport. I know we don't live in a perfect World. But one has to have a dream to have a dream come true. Quote from Obama " Faith & Hope" Optimism is key to any success...

  • Samuel Munoz
    Samuel Munoz Anos atrás

    Met em at our boxing convention. Guys hilarious. Puts on really good events in the UK 🇬🇧. Better than what we have in America

  • cuz mundo
    cuz mundo Anos atrás +5

    Love this guy, wish him the best

  • Cash Cody
    Cash Cody Anos atrás +41

    idk why people hate on this dude i think he's funny AF

    • Stefan Kaliczak
      Stefan Kaliczak Anos atrás

      He's massively privileged. He's rich because of his sports promoting dad. Basically been given wealth on a plate.
      I personally don't hate him, but that's why people generally do.

    • Chris Beevor
      Chris Beevor Anos atrás +1

      @Stefan Kaliczak That’s jealousy not hate. We don’t get to pick what wealth we’re born into. Regardless of having a rich daddy he still had to do something with it.

  • Julius C.
    Julius C. Anos atrás +60

    90/10 split on Ellerbe is hysterical, he's going to be on twitter with steam coming out of his ears

    • NRC
      NRC Anos atrás +1

      Ellen does have a good sense of humor so hopefully it doesn't get upset

  • Gabriel Sansar
    Gabriel Sansar Anos atrás +12

    that was better than every other interview he`s ever done.......

    • Stephen Lamley
      Stephen Lamley Anos atrás

      Especially when it ended. What a wolly

    • Gabriel Sansar
      Gabriel Sansar Anos atrás

      @Stephen Lamley are u calling eddy or me a wolly ??? could be either.. or both

    • ASDR
      ASDR Anos atrás +1

      His interviews with Ariel are always great

  • Nabeel Hussain
    Nabeel Hussain Anos atrás +18

    Ford escort....love it. What a story. Eddie's kids must get the best bed time stories. He's such a good story teller. When are we getting some amazon audible voiced by Eddie.

  • Fat Albert
    Fat Albert Anos atrás +2

    ali vs tyson was the first time I ever agreed with Eddie Hearn, not because of the match up, but because of what he said "everyone talks about the footwork, the movement and speed, but really it was all about his chin" Ali has one of the greatest chins in the history of the sport. To see 2 fighters, just as fast, one with more skill, one with more power, the greatest iron jaw vs the greatest power puncher would have been amazing

  • Sebastian Fortneit
    Sebastian Fortneit Anos atrás

    He would be an awesome James Bond for sure

  • Rowan Holden
    Rowan Holden Anos atrás +1

    Eddie is a legend

  • DHPJunior
    DHPJunior Anos atrás +10

    Gotta love Eddie Hearn... The only boxing promoter bar none, who doesn't think of himself too big to mingle with the little people and get roasted.. I seen a video of him where someone pulled his pants all the way down for laughs and giggles andIg Ed just laughed it off like a champ...
    Imagine Bob Arum or De la Hoya or even Al Haymon busting out laughing with us regular. Folks... Ain't happening.

    • Unity Snip3zz
      Unity Snip3zz Anos atrás

      Oh ye Eddie Hearn, peoples champion, he is hated in the uk

  • Jesus Valtierra
    Jesus Valtierra Anos atrás

    Eddie is the truth love that guy!

  • buryitdeep
    buryitdeep Anos atrás

    I would change places with this guy, seems a decent geezer.

  • David Robson - Odugbemi

    The attitude difference with regards to fighter pay in compression to Dana White is crazy! Big up to Eddie for caring about the sacrifice and risks fighters make for the sake of our entertainment. Fighters should be well compensated for the risks they take, I love the UFC but what they pay their fighters for what they do is not good.

  • Steve Jackson
    Steve Jackson Anos atrás +4

    I love Eddie Hearn 😂😂😂

  • Hugh2Hoob
    Hugh2Hoob Anos atrás

    Eddie is just no nonsense love him

  • Jara Botelho
    Jara Botelho Anos atrás +2

    Been loving the Eddie content on youtube lately

  • John Calgelia
    John Calgelia 11 meses atrás

    This is quality content. Eddie is so young too

  • RJTroncoso
    RJTroncoso Anos atrás

    Eddie Hearn is smart. The conversion rate he gets promoting fights for youtubers is plus side! He can convert all those people later on for Pro boxing fights. You’ll see… time will tell and he’ll make boxing popular again.

  • CubanPete
    CubanPete Anos atrás

    He's the only promoter right now who wants to make the big fights happen. All the others play the usual games promoters pay. Hearn is still a promoter. But he gets way too much hate.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Anos atrás +1

    I went to havering sixth form and Eddie was spot on about it showing up to class 😂

  • David Purvis
    David Purvis Anos atrás +5

    Eddie hearn is deffo in my top 3 to go for a pint with easy. blokes class 👏

  • The Real King James
    The Real King James Anos atrás +6

    Eddie's jokes got better 😹😹😹😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • RentFree In Heads
    RentFree In Heads 11 meses atrás

    Absolutely love this man

  • Young g
    Young g Anos atrás +2

    Media studies is not really an A level 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so true

  • manawearblack
    manawearblack Anos atrás +5

    6:03 Eddie tryna farm no context stuff now 😂😂

  • Big English Stand-up
    Big English Stand-up Anos atrás

    Eddie's pretty funny - you gotta admit....

  • AC
    AC Anos atrás +12

    Love Eddie.

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong Anos atrás +8

    Man said kick the cat 🐈 😂

  • Simon Mcleish
    Simon Mcleish Anos atrás +9

    He lies. He can actually fight

  • Liam Robertson
    Liam Robertson Anos atrás

    He is funny asf😂😂🤙🏼

  • Graeme Markham
    Graeme Markham Anos atrás +11

    Why did they share a pic of Nunez rather than cyborg 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Terrence Fox
    Terrence Fox Anos atrás +1

    Hearn saying a safe bet would be for Ellerbee to win by KO. Lol

  • AB juhnior
    AB juhnior Anos atrás +3

    Did he just say, go home, kick a cat?🤣🤣🤣 He must be spending time with Kurt Zouma.

    • El Ramyeon
      El Ramyeon Anos atrás

      It’s a fixed expression lol

  • Mr Gonzalez
    Mr Gonzalez Anos atrás +2

    Eddie Hearn hilarious thinking he’s gonna get 90/10 split with Ellerbe. They never gonna fight 😂

  • James Prynne
    James Prynne Anos atrás

    I have a close American friend and eddies spot on they really don’t get British sarcasm or out humour. It’s like you have to really make sarcasm obvious stateside where us brits just know straight away what’s banter and what’s not

  • Wille Valle
    Wille Valle Anos atrás +2

    his a good guy

  • Thomas William
    Thomas William Anos atrás +3

    No way did GQ put a picture of Amanda Nunes with 2 belts after just KOing Cyborg in the first round over the soundtrack of Eddie Hearn talking about how good Cyborg is.

  • IsRight
    IsRight Anos atrás

    A gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets

  • Jb
    Jb Anos atrás

    Eddie made some big money last few years, and brought us some great fights, but is having a horrible run at the moment. First AJ lost to Ruiz, Eddie loses the Fury contract in court, then AJ loses to Usyk, then Canelo loses to Bivol, and now AJ just lost to Usyk once more.

  • Brandog TV
    Brandog TV Anos atrás +1

    I love Ali and I would pick him over Tyson but we have to keep in mind. Tyson's style was literally created to defeat Ali's. That does not mean anything really but still interesting to think about.

    • Quarantine Jet
      Quarantine Jet Anos atrás

      If anything I'd say Ali's style is made to beat Tyson.

  • Lee
    Lee Anos atrás

    No but why would Eddie actually be a good Bond 😭

  • Khoitage
    Khoitage Anos atrás +2

    This is so messed up. This is making me to change my negative attitude towards Eddie. Seems like a likable guy

    • Chris Beevor
      Chris Beevor Anos atrás +1

      I don’t understand how people don’t like him. I get it if it’s from a rivalry point of view with regards to boxing. But as a person, he’s class.

  • Jamin Clarke
    Jamin Clarke Anos atrás +1

    “Ive got a plaque. I’ve got everything “ lol.

  • Varun Desai
    Varun Desai Anos atrás

    Eddie walking about staring into the lights of Jeddah 😭

  • Cris James
    Cris James Anos atrás

    Fair play he’s a class act 👏 when you come to Cardiff Ed and I would love to buy you a 🍻 👊🏼

  • Yo0264
    Yo0264 Anos atrás +24

    9:38 that is NOT Cyborg the lady shown holding two belts IS Amanda Nunes

  • Mr W.
    Mr W. Anos atrás

    Best promoter legend

  • Pete Gason
    Pete Gason Anos atrás

    He's a diamond 💎 geezer I like Eddie Hearn...I think he's genuine

  • Dax Rico
    Dax Rico Anos atrás

    I wonder if AJ is still his favourite heavyweight

  • LSD-Rick B-172
    LSD-Rick B-172 Anos atrás +3

    Proper geezer. Class

  • Nate One
    Nate One Anos atrás

    I'd love to see you as James bond Eddie

  • myyoot
    myyoot Anos atrás +4

    brilliant vid.. hearn is a great

  • Llama Treee
    Llama Treee Anos atrás +3

    Rugby players don’t deserve more money, they don’t generate any money, they’re paid what they deserve.

  • Yrack
    Yrack Anos atrás +2

    talks about cyborg but shows the lioness 🤣

  • Chefi
    Chefi Anos atrás +1

    You know too well that if JP would have won that bet he'd be on Eddie's arse for the $1M

  • Richard Jansen
    Richard Jansen Anos atrás +6

    Who doesn't love Eddie Hearn

    • wickywills
      wickywills Anos atrás +1

      Well he cares more about filling his own pockets by putting fights out in Dubai rather than at a big venue, so personally there's no "love" from me.

    • M Nguyen
      M Nguyen Anos atrás

      @wickywills he lives rent free in your head, typical brit you are

  • Luke G
    Luke G Anos atrás +3

    Pretty sure it's illegal for them to have a bet on a fight that involves them

    • Malamute
      Malamute Anos atrás

      you can bet on yourself but not against yourself

  • Strong Style
    Strong Style Anos atrás +2

    I want Dana White Vs Eddie Hearn beef so we can get wild back and forth.

  • Laaaaaa Laaaaa
    Laaaaaa Laaaaa Anos atrás

    Please get Ozzy Osbourne. We need him to do one of these videos’

  • Robert Mclean
    Robert Mclean Anos atrás +1

    Love Eddie

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra Anos atrás +30

    Hey, anyone reading this.Keep grinding ,stay positive, Life is a nonstop journey. Be proud of how far you've come and get excited for how much further you'll go. 🤞🏽🙏🏽!

    • Jordy b
      Jordy b Anos atrás +4

      Great comment mate I need to see this today! 🙏💪

    • Sean McNally
      Sean McNally Anos atrás +1

      Cheers bro

    • CS
      CS Anos atrás +1

      Thank you brother, needed to read this tonight. Been grinding for years and years to be able to work and travel the world and live wherever I please and next month I start on that journey. Had to break up with a girlfriend to make it happen, and that stings, the what if etc, but I know being on the road and exploring is what I am meant to be doing, and that's what I'll do.
      Excited for how much further I'll go - WE DIDN'T COME THIS FAR TO ONLY COME THIS FAR

    • A
      A Anos atrás

      Thanks bro take care

    • Jambab
      Jambab Anos atrás +4

      Stop begging likes

  • kingmetroplex
    kingmetroplex Anos atrás

    Awesome stuff 👏

  • haroon420
    haroon420 Anos atrás +2

    Media studies is not A levels. 😂😂😂. Your old man does have a point.

    • Shane Taylor
      Shane Taylor Anos atrás

      Guy only had the learn 3 subjects and still couldn't get the 3 As for 30 Gs haha

  • Silent Minority
    Silent Minority Anos atrás

    when you decide you make a bet, lawyers dont need to involve, it is a gentlemen system, if jake doesnt wanna pay it is on him.

  • 22keebo
    22keebo Anos atrás +5

    Eddie could of retired years ago money wise that’s fact

  • Connah bourton
    Connah bourton Anos atrás

    Eddie made Woodley sound like a nobody💀😂

  • Dave N
    Dave N Anos atrás

    If you fought l ellerbe I’d watch it.

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller Anos atrás +11

    "cyborg is a good fighter"
    Shows image of Amanda Nunes🤣

  • Luke Duck
    Luke Duck Anos atrás

    I used to dislike eddie hearn cause i thought he was southern, cocky, arrogant. But when you actually listen to him he’s actually a decent bloke 😂

  • S B Chowdhury
    S B Chowdhury Anos atrás

    Wicked for Hearn to mention Ali’s chin 👌🏼

  • TravelArmless_Life
    TravelArmless_Life Anos atrás

    im curious who'd win in a fight between eddie hearn and ufc president dana white

  • Benjamin Williams
    Benjamin Williams Anos atrás +1

    Holly Holm was a world champion boxer before her MMA career.

  • Ben Birchall
    Ben Birchall Anos atrás +2

    British GQ had a stinker with Cyborg…9:38 you’re showing a picture of Amanda Nunez…she’s a different person and actually beat Cyborg to claim the FW title 🙌🏻

    • debopriyo kar
      debopriyo kar Anos atrás +1

      See? British sarcasm

    • Matt J
      Matt J Anos atrás

      Haha if there was ever some evidence to show what Eddie meant it's this comment section

    • Dutch
      Dutch Anos atrás

      @debopriyo kar no.

  • Jooj
    Jooj Anos atrás +1

    I didn’t know Eddie was a rich kid

  • Alex Belotti
    Alex Belotti Anos atrás +1

    Promotes himself more than his fighters whilst delivering continuous one sided fights