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Bryan Cranston Answers Your Questions | Actually Me

  • Publicado em 23 Set 2023
  • Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston (Walter White) joins British GQ in Actually Me, as he goes online to answer the internet’s questions. The American actor responds to questions from Twitter, Reddit & Quora as well as replying to BRclip & Instagram comments and fact-checking Wikipedia.
    The Breaking Bad star reveals how he adopted Walter White’s persona, and how that varied when playing scenes as Heisenberg: ‘What I did is, I patterned Walter White after my father, who was 30 years older than me… more rounded shoulders for an older man, a deeper, deeper voice. And then when he transitions into becoming Heisenberg, his shoulders go back, his voice goes stronger and becomes more formidable to his enemies.’ Watch the full episode as Bryan Cranston goes undercover with British GQ in Actually Me.
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    00:00 - Twitter
    01:05 - Wikipedia
    01:47 - Instagram
    02:24 - Reddit
    03:18 - Quora
    05:39 - BRclip
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Comentários • 0

  • CurryMitch
    CurryMitch 3 meses atrás +16168

    Bryan Cranston should've played Commissioner Gordon a long time ago

  • Dylan Tran
    Dylan Tran 3 meses atrás +10355

    He has such genuine dad humor and I love it

    • Gabe94 Dot com
      Gabe94 Dot com 3 meses atrás +8

      True ❤😊

    • TheSpiderFromMars
      TheSpiderFromMars 3 meses atrás +44

      That’s Hal for you

    • SavingPrivateBob
      SavingPrivateBob 3 meses atrás +27

      His timing is impeccable. He's a genuine comedian forged with dad humour

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster
      Flying Spaghetti Monster 3 meses atrás +19

      he did a your mom joke on a fan, and not just any innocuous one; literally insinuating that he bangs the fan's mom when he goes to Albuquerque

    • This IsMyEmail
      This IsMyEmail 3 meses atrás +5

      ​@Flying Spaghetti MonsterDad's gonna do what dad's gonna do.

  • My_Guy
    My_Guy 3 meses atrás +6587

    Bryan Cranston is one of my favourite celebraties. He's chill, down to earth, kind and hilarious without be too loud, fantastic man👍

    • Gabe94 Dot com
      Gabe94 Dot com 3 meses atrás +8

      True ❤😊

    • MR. HEY
      MR. HEY 2 meses atrás +20


    • chere
      chere 2 meses atrás +22

      Yes, 99.1% true

    • Noobienuub
      Noobienuub 2 meses atrás +2

      @chere Heh

    • Moony
      Moony 2 meses atrás +19

      Same goes for Aaron Paul, I feel like a lot of the BrBa cast seems very cool

  • gamingpotato
    gamingpotato 3 meses atrás +3087

    Bryan Cranston is like a really confident and funny version of Walter White. He's awesome!

    • Ramennoodles
      Ramennoodles 3 meses atrás +456

      Walter White if he didn't leave Gray Matter for 5000 dollars

    • gamingpotato
      gamingpotato 3 meses atrás +170

      @Ramennoodles The Good Ending

    • Sparty
      Sparty 3 meses atrás +88

      Walter white if he never married Skylar.

    • gamingpotato
      gamingpotato 3 meses atrás +53

      @Sparty syklar wihte mean worst braekign bed charter

    • LandoCommando
      LandoCommando 3 meses atrás +128

      Walter white if healthcare was free

  • TorQueMoD
    TorQueMoD 3 meses atrás +3507

    I love Bryan Cranston. He just seems like such a genuinely well balanced and likeable guy :)

    • Scott Slotterbeck
      Scott Slotterbeck 3 meses atrás +2

      He does

    • Umberto
      Umberto 3 meses atrás +15

      You can tell by the way he defended Jesse

    • Fandai Animations
      Fandai Animations 2 meses atrás +1

      he isss dude

    • Ethan Long
      Ethan Long 2 meses atrás +3

      He has, at least in the animated Batman Year One movie.

    • Timorio
      Timorio 2 meses atrás +1

      How do you know he's not acting?

  • winlover37
    winlover37 3 meses atrás +2063

    I'll always remember getting blown away watching Breaking Bad for the first time. I only ever knew Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle, watching Heisenberg emerge was such a dramatic shift in tone for his career. He portrayed a good villain! Thank you for all your submissions in art, Bryan. A legend.

    • SchnurStraX
      SchnurStraX 3 meses atrás +7

      i had the same experience!

    • NintyFan
      NintyFan 3 meses atrás +20

      I love Breaking Bad and have never seen MITM aside from a few scenes on BRclip, and it blows me away that it's the same guy! Incredible range

    • hubbsllc
      hubbsllc 2 meses atrás +19

      Over the course of a few years I kept hearing how good BB was - that it was legendary, even while it was still running. I hadn't been watching much series TV (still don't) so I simply wanted to see what the big deal was. I wound up seeing the whole series over the course of maybe 3-4 months and yeah, I saw what the big deal was. It's one of TV's best offerings ever, and I expect I'll want to go through it all again.

    • winlover37
      winlover37 2 meses atrás +1

      @hubbsllc It's funny you say that, I too wasn't too big on watching TV and still aren't really. BB broke the mould for me! If you haven't watched El Camino or Better Call Saul you absolutely should!

    • SchnurStraX
      SchnurStraX 2 meses atrás +1

      @hubbsllc You should watch better call saul if you havent already, its just as good as BB and sometimes I liked it even more!

  • Megalodon Bro
    Megalodon Bro 2 meses atrás +1334

    I'm always love Walter White's iconic quote, "I am not in the danger, Skyler. I am the danger!" and then he dangered all over Skyler.

    • Guapatio
      Guapatio 2 meses atrás +51


    • Nish Only
      Nish Only 2 meses atrás +14

      he is indeed A DANGER

    • Carlos Flores
      Carlos Flores 2 meses atrás +7


    • lynx
      lynx 2 meses atrás +14

      You got one part of that wrong...

    • Liam Phibian
      Liam Phibian 2 meses atrás +5

      Ah, classic line.😌

  • Branden Jones
    Branden Jones 3 meses atrás +1620

    Bryan Cranston is a national treasure and must be protected at all cost.

    • Sam Weston
      Sam Weston 3 meses atrás +35


    • gustav brinkel
      gustav brinkel 3 meses atrás


    • Luke Connell
      Luke Connell 3 meses atrás +1

      International treasure

    • CowHatCat
      CowHatCat 3 meses atrás +34

      You think someone needs protection its him?
      Hes the one who protects!

    • Justin
      Justin 3 meses atrás +1

      I'm not looking forward to his passing

  • Tony Ramirez
    Tony Ramirez 3 meses atrás +546

    I met Bryan Cranston and he’s truly an incredible person. Humble and hilarious in person

    • munky
      munky 2 meses atrás +20

      wish i was you

    • josephus
      josephus 2 meses atrás +1

      @munky same

    • Jonsen Tio
      Jonsen Tio 2 meses atrás +4

      I bet he was the chemistry teacher you met in highschool

  • Koen
    Koen 3 meses atrás +606

    I am a filmmaker and Brian's work with Vince Gillighan (but not limited to) is nothing less than awe inspiring every time I watch it. Thanks for being an endless source of inspiration for me and thousands of other storytellers. I am forever grateful.

    • Uri Geller
      Uri Geller 3 meses atrás +12

      Bravo Vince!

    • Josiah Gonzalez
      Josiah Gonzalez Mês atrás +2

      Peter G crying in a corner from all the kids who watch BB who think Vince wrote it all by himself 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Navers Kay
    Navers Kay 3 meses atrás +709

    One of the finest actors of all time. Walter White, one of my favourite characters of all time, in one of the greatest shows of all time! This is how special he is.

    • Gabe94 Dot com
      Gabe94 Dot com 3 meses atrás

      True ❤😊

    • I Love Caulk
      I Love Caulk 3 meses atrás +1

      All time

    • NYZRH
      NYZRH 2 meses atrás +4

      This is one of the comments of all time.

    • Cooper
      Cooper 2 meses atrás +1

      Ughh I’m so used to people saying “one of the of all time” that I initially interpreted that as an insult 😅

    • a
      a 2 meses atrás

      i love bryan and brba but why is a r4p1st and serial abuser one of your favorite fictional characters

  • Jonathan Cohoon
    Jonathan Cohoon 2 meses atrás +241

    Never thought I'd ever see Bryan Cranston answer a question of mine. Weird feeling lol.

    • Christofell
      Christofell 2 meses atrás +63

      He just likes bushes apparently

    • TommyKnocker 🇺🇲
      TommyKnocker 🇺🇲 2 meses atrás +11

      Yeah the guy who played walter white really did it

    • dr buttons
      dr buttons Mês atrás +12


    • Vowa
      Vowa 25 dias atrás +5

      Lol you got answered by the goat

  • Chicago PAB
    Chicago PAB 3 meses atrás +436

    He holds a special place in my heart. He looks exactly like my dad who passed in 2010 when I was 20. Especially in the beginning of BB. I doubt he will see this but in the off f*cking chance he does thank you for all you do. Whenever I watch anything he’s in I subconsciously think of my father. Love from Chicago my friend!

  • Dry Caprisun
    Dry Caprisun 3 meses atrás +264

    It’s honestly good, we want more BB but Vince left the show in a beautiful trifecta of a beginning, middle, and end as Bryan put it, I absolutely loved the show

  • Fourth
    Fourth 3 meses atrás +113

    Bryan actually has an incredible voice. I'd listen to any audiobook he narrated. Someone get on that!

    • nok yuen
      nok yuen 3 meses atrás +6

      He has golden voice

    • slickRhythm
      slickRhythm 3 meses atrás +5

      He narrates his own memoir on Audible!

    • Nuu Nalds
      Nuu Nalds 2 meses atrás +3

      He narrated the Audiobook version of The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien and he was perfect for it! Great book with the greatest audiobook narration I've ever heard (and still my favorite)

    • alf1910
      alf1910 25 dias atrás


    • Octogon Zone
      Octogon Zone 19 dias atrás +2

      "Jesse, did you put your name in the goblet?"

  • Getsuga-1
    Getsuga-1 2 meses atrás +126

    People keep telling me I'm crazy for saying this, but I swear Bryan would make an incredible live action Omni-Man. He's already proven he can pull off a Dad role as well as a terrifying murderer role.

    • Bookgurl656 Channel 2
      Bookgurl656 Channel 2 2 meses atrás +20

      YES!! I can totally see it! Especially since he’s rockin’ the hair and mustache now.

    • The Phoenix
      The Phoenix 2 meses atrás +17

      Nah omni man's voice actor would be best. He looks just like him.

    • yaboiflake
      yaboiflake 2 meses atrás +2

      Not nearly jacked enough

    • yaboiflake
      yaboiflake 2 meses atrás

      Not nearly jacked enough

    • Cons
      Cons 2 meses atrás +2

      Someone should cast him as LBJ in a drama history, or alternate history TV show. Guy looks exactly like him

  • Thomas James
    Thomas James 3 meses atrás +205

    Im rewatching Breaking Bad right now (for the 4th time), but this time with my 14 year old daughter's first watch. It's awesome watching it again with someone who's never seen it. Bryan's portrayal of Walt never gets old, incredible character. We are on the final 6 episodes... then we start her first time seeing Better Call Saul 😊

    • imageignition23
      imageignition23 3 meses atrás +16

      Then finish it off with El Camino

    • Kevin Riley
      Kevin Riley 3 meses atrás +27

      Then TRULY finish it off with Slippin' Jimmy

    • Thomas James
      Thomas James 3 meses atrás +24

      @imageignition23 actually I think we may do El Camino n then BCS. But as of right now she don't know El Camino exists lol Don't want her to know what happens to Jesse, n then...'surprise! He has his own movie!' Lol

    • clauditorium
      clauditorium 3 meses atrás +6

      BCS turned out to be such a different show from Breaking Bad. If anything, I think it supasses BB - that creative team got progressively better as time went on.

    • Sparty
      Sparty 3 meses atrás +1

      @Thomas JamesThat’s what I’m doing. I’m still on BCS but I watched El Camino before BCS.

  • SpaceCowboy
    SpaceCowboy 2 meses atrás +25

    It's funny to me that Breaking Bad is where people seem to have discovered what an amazing actor Bryan Cranston is... those of us who watched Malcolm in the Middle already knew. Hal may be a character played mostly for laughs, but he pulled that character off to a degree that is simply incredible.

    • Revalopod
      Revalopod 12 dias atrás

      What you believe me if I said my first exposure to him was from Godzilla xD

  • coolcat8b
    coolcat8b 3 meses atrás +247

    A policeman? That explains the amazing stache. He studied policing just long enough to get the secret to growing one of those.
    If you ever meet that girl again, tell her a big thank you from all of us. Without her, we would have missed out on the great actor you are.
    A MitM reunion would be awesome! Hal and Lois forever!

  • Ollie
    Ollie 2 meses atrás +20

    He can be so funny yet add so much depth to Walter White, such a talent.

  • Marcia Alencar
    Marcia Alencar 2 meses atrás +49

    I love Bryan Cranston. An extraordinary actor and human being.

  • Jackson W
    Jackson W 2 meses atrás +20

    I think he would do such a wonderful job voicing an animated Ganondorf in a TLOZ movie. His voice is perfect and he could perfectly balance the menacing and humorous nature of the character and the vibe of the games. Obviously, he's not the physical embodiment of the character for a live action performance, but even then they could use CGI on a body double and get a great facial performance

  • Cheese Balls
    Cheese Balls 2 meses atrás +36

    I love actors like him that nail every role. Goofy dad, egg head, king pin, undercover agent. Bravo!

  • Pudim Sagrado a Assado
    Pudim Sagrado a Assado Mês atrás +5

    Esse cara é incrível man, queria dá um abraço nesse ser humano espetacular 🫂

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions 3 meses atrás +88

    I love how he didn’t say no he said do it as a hobby, fantastic answer

  • Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 2 meses atrás +17

    Him and Aaron staying friends after all this time is just so wholesome ❤

  • Josh Morris
    Josh Morris Mês atrás +7

    This man is a gem, protect him at all costs

  • tragicrhythm
    tragicrhythm 2 meses atrás +27

    Hilarious storyteller. Saw him on Graham Norton and he was captivating.

  • tosti24
    tosti24 2 meses atrás +7

    The look he gives to the camera while saying ''And boy, the research would be fun'' was spot on. I totally see him playing Hugh Hefner and doing a brilliant job. I hope some day he get's to do that research.

    JAXARE 3 meses atrás +48

    I appreciate that last answer he gave, too many times were told that if you dont put your 100% into something you should give up on it or leave it alone. Instead, how about turning it into a hobby, that way you can pursue something else in the career field but still be able to enjoy that hobby

    • Scott Slotterbeck
      Scott Slotterbeck 3 meses atrás +1

      Exactly. 99.99% of actors don't make it a career. Even good actors.
      Too much competition.

  • Yezpahr
    Yezpahr 2 meses atrás +12

    4:21 As this sentence went on, goose bumps covered my entire skin more and more.
    All the post-BB Walter White content feels like a fever dream.
    That flash video where he intimidates a tied up viewer and even speaks a customized name, it was one of the best cross-overs with the real world a show could make. The one who made that up needs a raise.

  • Levi Rubin
    Levi Rubin 25 dias atrás +1

    Bryan is so unbeliavably funny without even trying, love him.

  • Chris Siska
    Chris Siska 3 meses atrás +118

    The way Bryan looks in this video, he could DEFINITELY play a current-day James Hetfield in a Metallica biopic.

  • Aleksandr Andreevich
    Aleksandr Andreevich 2 meses atrás +15

    Актёр с большой буквы) глубокий и очень интересный человек, спасибо команде и ему за это видео

  • INO
    INO 2 meses atrás +20

    As popular as he is I still think he's underrated considering his incredible talent and amazing personality. He reminds me of a Robin Williams-tier actor & comedian. Also seems about as genuine and kind as Williams.

  • Skullies !
    Skullies ! 2 meses atrás +13

    can we thank Bryan Cranston's Counselor? if it wasn't for him we wouldn't even have Bryan in the acting world. the butterfly effect works in mysterious ways

  • Madeline Parker
    Madeline Parker 3 meses atrás +43

    Bryan Cranston should've played Commissioner Gordon a long time ago. You are undoubtedly a brilliant actor and an amazing person!.

  • Oliver Goodall
    Oliver Goodall 2 meses atrás +6

    What a cool dude. He always seems so genuine and humble

  • Tattooed Granny
    Tattooed Granny 3 meses atrás +48

    Bryan is just pure awesomeness.

  • mateo alarcon
    mateo alarcon 2 meses atrás +7

    this man is so charismatic and fantastic that every word that comes out of his mouth feels like words of wisdom

  • Trickshotter
    Trickshotter Mês atrás +4

    Bryan's voice somehow fits every stage Walter goes into in the series

  • Manny Brum
    Manny Brum 3 meses atrás +76

    I love how Wikipedia editors roll back most of the edits done by celebrities on their own pages.

    • Between Names
      Between Names 3 meses atrás +26

      At least in this scenario (I checked) it was partially re-added after this released with citations

    • Stephan Berger
      Stephan Berger 3 meses atrás +10

      As they should.

    • UndeadFleshgod
      UndeadFleshgod 3 meses atrás +34

      Autobiographical content is considered a conflict of interest, that's why they remove it. You can't talk about yourself on your wiki page.
      And the Reddit comments are often auto-deleted too because the account karma is too low.

    • Kamingo
      Kamingo 2 meses atrás +16

      ​@UndeadFleshgodReddit is STILL doing that all these years later? God I hate reddit with a passion 😂

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola 2 meses atrás +2

      @UndeadFleshgod makes no sense

  • mjears
    mjears 3 meses atrás +7

    Fantastic! The most interesting (and nicely distilled) behind-the-scenes I have ever watched. Bravo.

  • Cameron F
    Cameron F 2 meses atrás +2

    Cranston has always been one of the few A-list actors that just seems like a regular dude that doesn't have this super inflated ego of himself; he's just really good at acting


    bryan cranston needs to be loved while he's alive and remembered for his amazing tv and film work. long live bryan cranston! one of america's national treasures!!!

  • Jimin Shi
    Jimin Shi 15 dias atrás

    Love him sm..such a talented, brilliant and humble actor

  • Cash
    Cash 3 meses atrás +50

    Literally one of my favorite actors, Bryan is great

    • Gabe94 Dot com
      Gabe94 Dot com 3 meses atrás +3

      True ❤😊

    • Sparty
      Sparty 3 meses atrás +2

      He’s the goat pretty much now.

  • D K
    D K 3 meses atrás +9

    Loved him in Malcolm in the middle. I think comedic actors are underrated. I think more actors could credibly play Walters White than Hal. Cranston was so commited to that role!

  • Kate DeGonia
    Kate DeGonia 3 meses atrás +12

    Bryan Cranston seems like such a great human. That is all. ❤

  • Marilyn Quagliata
    Marilyn Quagliata 3 meses atrás +8

    You are undoubtedly a brilliant actor and an amazing person!

  • Gduag64
    Gduag64 2 meses atrás +9

    Oh my gosh! If Malcom came back I’d binge hardcore. Bring it back please!!!

  • ぞるあ
    ぞるあ 2 meses atrás +17

    This is truly the moment Heisenberg became Bryan Cranston. How inspiring.

  • Abhilash Pandit
    Abhilash Pandit 19 dias atrás +1

    Watched Breaking bad @ 2015 and again on @ Sep 2023 and the series and character gave a different lesson at different time and lifezone. Especially i believe "Yo Mr.White" the way it got sounded by Aaron Paul had made it more perfect for the character Mr White. I would love to see exactly what happened to the family after White died and the PPL in touch with Walter especially did grey matter live upto their promise😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jer Bear
    Jer Bear 3 meses atrás +6

    I would actually like to see a one off of Malcom where it isn't anything special. Just a one off episode where they all happen to be over at the house for a bit and a couple funny things happen. Not too much fan service but don't over complicate it. The show would allow for that.

  • Ollie
    Ollie 2 meses atrás +3

    Hal is genuinely one of the funniest characters ever.

  • Angeliux686
    Angeliux686 2 meses atrás

    I remember hearing that story about the first day at acting class in his "Inside the actor's studio" interview, it was really a masterclass from him.

  • maxim millions2002
    maxim millions2002 Mês atrás

    Such a good guy. That last comment about acting really inspired me because I felt those same feelings when I joined my first high school play and i knew I wanted to dedicate some part of my life to that. Even if it's just a hobby :)

  • Lance 33
    Lance 33 3 meses atrás +3

    This guy is totally awesome no matter what he does!!!!!!!!! Has to be a really great guy to hang out with and chop it up

  • uTubeNoITube
    uTubeNoITube 26 dias atrás

    Man I love these. And to have one with Bryan Cranston is just wonderful.

  • CoasterMan13
    CoasterMan13 Mês atrás

    A very good and versatile actor. One of the greatest actors in American history.

  • Sebe
    Sebe 2 meses atrás +1

    This man is a comedic genius, and I feel like he deserves more respect as an actor.

    • Joshua Butner
      Joshua Butner 2 meses atrás

      I agree that he's amazing but I feel he gets adequate praise. He is one of the most well respected and praised actors of all time.

  • mikewicked
    mikewicked Mês atrás +4

    When talking about how the Walter White roles keep coming back to him, there's a real sense of Robin Williams in Bryan's face when he smiles.

  • Lumpus_
    Lumpus_ 2 meses atrás +2

    We don't deserve this man. Such an eloquent and chill guy

  • Torian W
    Torian W 3 meses atrás +5

    For him to go from Tim Whatley, to Hal Wilkerson to Walter White is absolutely incredible

  • Tom McKee
    Tom McKee Mês atrás

    Gotta say, Bryan’s appearance in Its Always Sunny was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while

  • Terrioestreich
    Terrioestreich 3 meses atrás +7

    I made my kids watch Malcolm in the middle! So well written and so funny!

  • Jake Vrai
    Jake Vrai 2 meses atrás +2

    This is definitely a Bryan Cranston moment of all time

  • Juanita Leak
    Juanita Leak 2 meses atrás +1

    What an absolute legend & a fine actor ❤

  • Becca
    Becca 3 meses atrás +22

    The mustache is really doing it for me. But yeah, the ending of BB was brilliant, and the whole series was perfectly paced.

  • Spishy Official
    Spishy Official 3 meses atrás +7

    Bryan Cranston is a national treasure

  • SandraLand
    SandraLand 2 meses atrás +5

    Walter White did a terrific job playing Bryan Cranston on this!

  • Robsome
    Robsome 28 dias atrás

    Bryan Cranston isn't known for method acting but, when it came to the Hugh Hefner biopic, he really stepped up to the plate.
    His best pickup line will be, "Hi, my name is Bryan Cranston."

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes 27 dias atrás

    The only thing Bryan and Walt have in common are those scenes where Walt is joking and centered with his family around the dinner table. Those scenes that are so few and far between where it seems like everything could be ok. Besides that they could not be more different

  • dick fister
    dick fister 3 meses atrás +7

    This bloke is hilarious. Incredible comedic timing. Thanks Mr. Cranston.

  • Scott Slotterbeck
    Scott Slotterbeck 3 meses atrás +6

    Interesting and honest and down-to-earth as usual.
    Interesting he and Aaron Paul clashed a lot on BB. So the fight scenes had reality-tinged emotions. They were always clashing in the series.

    • LilHeatha Smith
      LilHeatha Smith 3 meses atrás +12

      I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure he was joking about them clashing on set. I think he meant their characters - not them as people.

    • Paul Doe
      Paul Doe 2 meses atrás +1

      @LilHeatha Smithe’s probably not tbh, when you have two opinions working on a common project, differences in direction and pressure can cause clashes. With acting and such it seems a fairly common thing, but it’s how deal with that and bounce back from it that defines your self as an adult.
      I imagine these clashes where nothing too serious hence there amicable relationship today

  • George Pivey
    George Pivey 3 meses atrás +7

    I just love this man! I love his face, I love his character! and I love the new scruff too. Very distinguished and makes him look younger. Makes me imagine he might be a little closer to eternal and immortal which would be awesome. ❤

  • Caleb Witts
    Caleb Witts 3 meses atrás +21

    This is one of those episodes I could watch for 2+ hours

  • Un'guelo Otay
    Un'guelo Otay 3 meses atrás +7

    You're a great actor. Please don't stop.

  • Tharuka Epaarachchi
    Tharuka Epaarachchi 3 meses atrás +8

    2:44 "and boy the research would be fun"😂 I love Bryan Cranston.

  • PABO
    PABO Mês atrás

    the new series "your honor" with bryan is really really good. Such a great actor this men. love him

  • Jafar Jazar
    Jafar Jazar Mês atrás

    Malcolm's actor getting to play a role he totally forgot about (amnesia due to an accident if I remember right, not fact-checking) could be an interesting experience to him, to say the least.

  • victor
    victor 3 meses atrás +5

    I just wanna take the moment to say THANK YOU for existing, Bryan Cranston.

  • SamTMH
    SamTMH Mês atrás

    It'd be hilarious to see a brief short film of the breaking bad cast doing a few scenes, but as dogs like in Isle of Dogs. 😂

  • Quiet Demon
    Quiet Demon Mês atrás +1

    If there’s one person Bryan should play in a biopic it’s definitely Stan Lee for me, he legit resembles Stan if he had grey hair, the right glasses and a grey moustache

  • Wilson V
    Wilson V 2 meses atrás +2

    "do it as a hobby" is such an insanely strong note to end on. too many creatives are told give it all and die trying or dont even try while he knows the value in loving expressing yourself creatively for your own sake; fun.
    anyone looking to do as a hobby; take some classes from supermarket notices, online bulletins, or maybe start playing DND lol i've revealed many inner Theatre kids from people who wanna hit goblins which ends up turning into some Bladerunner campaign years later thanks to dice helping us get into character.

  • Andrew Gray
    Andrew Gray 23 dias atrás

    beautifully answered - easy to sing when you're winning of course but still good to hear!

  • Zack Porlier
    Zack Porlier 3 meses atrás

    I wonder what Bryan's thoughts are on that weird issue people had with the Godzilla movie, when they used him in all the trailers, but his role was a very small portion in the beginning of the film.
    I can't imagine he would really care how much he was or wasn't used as "bait" to get people in seats since thats part of the job. But it would be interesting to know how he feels in the perspective of the people who were hoping to see him as a main character. Very niche thought I just had from being reminded of it from this.

  • Lacy Lorenson
    Lacy Lorenson 3 meses atrás +11

    Oh my gosh. I had just sneezed and was working on my second one when he said “bless you”. Had to back it up to make sure he said it again before I flipped out. Thanks Bryan I guess.. 😳

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 meses atrás +15

    5:15 I can feel the Heisenberg talk when he talks about if he misses it or not lol

  • joseph
    joseph 2 meses atrás +1

    All of the cast were absolutely brilliant in breaking bad! And the better call Saul series!

  • SlavicSloth
    SlavicSloth Mês atrás

    Bryan just feels so wholesome,. I love it.

  • Leonardo Gomes
    Leonardo Gomes Mês atrás +1

    I love that all actor that have an iconic character treat this character as a separated entity.

  • FallenorRisen
    FallenorRisen 2 meses atrás +1

    Such an amazing actor!

  • SM
    SM 3 meses atrás +43

    When Bryan talks, we listen.

  • Gummy
    Gummy 2 meses atrás +1

    I'd love to see their reaction when they find out the person that replied wasn't a troll, but literally Bryan Cranston.

  • 76fv
    76fv Mês atrás

    One of the greatest actors of all time!

  • Durmomo0
    Durmomo0 2 meses atrás

    I forget Bryan is a comedic actor too so sometimes when he does something funny it really takes me by surprise and I think "oh, right, of course"

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 3 meses atrás +3

    this guy is a living legend

  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips Mês atrás

    Bryan Cranston could single handedly save both Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. He's so good, he probably wouldn't even need a speaking part.

  • Langdon Biggs
    Langdon Biggs 3 meses atrás +8

    If I won a chance to have dinner with a celebrity it would be him. He's just so cool.