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10 Things Arsenal’s Declan Rice Can’t Live Without | 10 Essentials

  • Publicado em 23 Set 2023
  • Arsenal & England midfielder Declan Rice joins British GQ in 10 Essentials, ahead of England’s FIFA World Cup campaign in Qatar. Declan Rice breaks down his 10 essential items: from his Adidas Predator Accelerator football boots - originally worn by David Beckham - to his PlayStation controller used for going toe-to-toe in FIFA 22 with his West Ham teammates. Watch the full episode of 10 Essentials with Declan Rice, as the England & West Ham midfielder reveals 10 things he can’t live without.
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    00:00 - Football boots
    01:22 - Sweets
    02:21 - Hat
    03:04 - Phone
    03:45 - Watch
    04:02 - Wash bag
    04:36 - Aftershave
    05:09 - PlayStation controller
    06:00 - Trainers
    06:48 - Golf
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Comentários • 0

  • Kevin Dorward
    Kevin Dorward 10 meses atrás +1208

    You just can't not like this guy. Down to earth and humble + loves squashies. What's not to love! P.S. they need to make cola squashies, get on at em Declan!

    • Jimbo Jimbo
      Jimbo Jimbo 10 meses atrás +12

      He is very didlikable not sure what you’re seeing
      Comes across so fake and will snake you if the media pressures him enough

    • Exiled Ben
      Exiled Ben 10 meses atrás +36

      @Jimbo Jimbo great assumption which you’ve got nothing to prove is true

    • jake dawkins
      jake dawkins 10 meses atrás +11

      @Exiled Ben snaked Ireland 😂

    • TheWacoKid
      TheWacoKid 10 meses atrás +7

      Very down to earth wearing a ridiculously expensive watch. Wears “funky” ones which are Rose Gold, Gold.
      Very down to earth.

    • Kevin Dorward
      Kevin Dorward 10 meses atrás +17

      @TheWacoKid mate, this screams jealousy. As long as you know you're down to earth yourself cause you have a Casio, that's the main thing

  • Lineth Gonzalez
    Lineth Gonzalez 10 meses atrás +708

    He seems down to earth and mature for his age despite all the attention he gets yet he doesn't lose his youthfulness and charisma such a nice guy!!!

    • Krikor Klenjian
      Krikor Klenjian 10 meses atrás +8

      To be frank all of them are so affable. Credit to Englands PR over the last 5 years.

    • Martin Kolev
      Martin Kolev 10 meses atrás +1

      You can’t be talking about maturity of a man , who talks about eating sweets and his favourite item is his mom’s comb. It’s just not related!😢

    • Lineth Gonzalez
      Lineth Gonzalez 10 meses atrás +4

      @Martin Kolev I'm saying when he's questioned about his career in other interviews, he doesn't seem pretentious he's very humble and in this interview I'm saying he still likes simple stuff young people like

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 2 meses atrás +1693

    The fact that they changed the title is crazy 😂

    • eazydee raps
      eazydee raps Mês atrás +5


    • eazydee raps
      eazydee raps Mês atrás +3


    • S D S
      S D S Mês atrás +1


    • Daniel O A
      Daniel O A Mês atrás +12

      That’s what I thought too!!!! Lol

    • Wobblyorbee
      Wobblyorbee Mês atrás +6

      What was the original title?

  • naturalbby🤍
    naturalbby🤍 10 meses atrás +462

    He’s actually so genuine and content! Look how happy he is chatting about sweets😂

    D4GGERZ 2 meses atrás +976

    Anyone else here now he’s a GOOOOONNEEERRR

  • San Francisco Trip
    San Francisco Trip 10 meses atrás +208

    One thing I like about him is he doesn’t act like he’s too tough or cool for something. He’s just him. Also that legendary video of him getting scared to death is hilarious

  • Qwerty Qwertyson
    Qwerty Qwertyson 10 meses atrás +1633

    I've never seen someone so happy chatting about sweets. Fairplay.

    • Mitchell Usback
      Mitchell Usback 10 meses atrás +7

      probably paid to promote tbh

    • Dark Starr
      Dark Starr 10 meses atrás +33

      @Mitchell Usback enter the cynic

    • Abdus Samad
      Abdus Samad 9 meses atrás +9

      Don't disrespect the sweets

  • BurgundyBag
    BurgundyBag Mês atrás +17

    Couldn't it have been former West Ham captain and current arsenal midfielder.... Hitting us where it hurts GQ

  • Gooner 72
    Gooner 72 10 meses atrás +156

    He's a normal, humble, honest and likeable lad, it seems to be the norm for the current crop of England players. I like that.

    • Munster Boy
      Munster Boy 9 meses atrás +6

      That’s because he is an Irish lad!!!!!!

    • Oceanfive
      Oceanfive 9 meses atrás +9

      @Munster Boy that a strong Irish accent he has🤣

    • Jacob Ridley
      Jacob Ridley 9 meses atrás +1

      @Munster Boy martin o’neill said he never wanted to play for ireland but he got selected so had to play ?

    • Christina Mcilwaine
      Christina Mcilwaine 7 meses atrás

      @Munster Boy that snake isn't Irish 🐍🐍🐍

    • W
      W 7 meses atrás +2

      @Christina Mcilwaine na otherwise he would be shite at football

  • Rillionaire Adam-might
    Rillionaire Adam-might 9 meses atrás +33

    I love this guy man what a lad legend really hope he continues to do great in his career

  • Masereka peter
    Masereka peter 10 meses atrás +66

    Even if this guy plays for my rival club,he will remain one of my favorites..😍 you just can't hate rice rice baby 😜

  • Left6
    Left6 10 meses atrás +73

    He's a good kid. Down to earth

  • Luca Natale
    Luca Natale 9 meses atrás +11

    Bonus points for having his pair of Predator Remakes. I am a fan simply because of his boot obsession. Respect.

  • Kenyan Roy
    Kenyan Roy 3 meses atrás +9

    U know for 100 mil pounds, usually you’d like a player that would be one of the first names on the team sheet. However, if he would hear it. Arteta does like too rotate the squad quite a lot. So an “Ultimate” utility player that could use his overall physicality and tactical nuance. In order too fill in throughout the team, from defense too midfield, and even attack. Could be invaluable🧐

  • Solarzz
    Solarzz 9 meses atrás +9

    As a west ham fan and how our record is rubbish this man always brings a smile to my face😂

    • #JusticeForNiall
      #JusticeForNiall 9 meses atrás +1

      Nah im just hoping we get better man 💀

    • Drew Swallow
      Drew Swallow 8 meses atrás +1

      Moyes out

    • #JusticeForNiall
      #JusticeForNiall 8 meses atrás

      @Drew Swallow omd 100%
      18th on the table
      If hes not out then what are they doing.

    • J
      J 2 meses atrás

      @#JusticeForNiallplastic clowns 👏🏼

  • alim baloch
    alim baloch 9 meses atrás +14

    Calm ,composed and brilliant footballer ,Bellingham and rice were awesome

  • ojj
    ojj 5 meses atrás +2

    so down to earth 🌍 how can u not like him

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan 10 meses atrás +197

    Good time to interview after he gave a solid performance just hours ago

    • Lyxella
      Lyxella 10 meses atrás +6

      It would have been before the game. Cuz it needed it be edited

    • Harvey Saunders
      Harvey Saunders 10 meses atrás +7

      @Lyxella well it was obviously shot months and weeks ago😂

  • ProfessorWillyWonka
    ProfessorWillyWonka 9 meses atrás +1

    Its nice to see the humility on some of the people who do these. Even though they are superstars, they're just regular people like the rest of us.

  • Jorge Cohetero
    Jorge Cohetero 10 meses atrás +24

    A future legend of the game

  • GingerBen
    GingerBen 10 meses atrás +3

    Them preds was the best. The newer ones are terrible. I like the 07 preds ones I had was brilliant. More sterdy than the ones they make now.

  • Takashi Komuro
    Takashi Komuro 10 meses atrás +340

    "Liverpool's Van Dijk" and "England's Declan Rice" i see what you did there😂

    • j ch
      j ch 10 meses atrás +5


    • Jordan
      Jordan 10 meses atrás +15

      It's British GQ pal

    • Andrew Doherty
      Andrew Doherty 10 meses atrás +5

      @Jordan he played for Ireland

    • Jordan
      Jordan 10 meses atrás +13

      @Andrew Doherty So what? He was born in England and represents England.

    • Nick
      Nick 10 meses atrás +5

      I think it's cause Rice has been linked with joining LFC. Could be wrong tho!

  • Aryor
    Aryor Mês atrás +11

    For anyone that’s confused 😂
    They changed the title

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith 4 meses atrás

    I understand the value of mint condition never been worn, but when it comes to sneakers the rubber/foam soles will prematurely disintegrate if they are not worn. Wear your sneakers keep them nice, they will last longer

  • Seanie K
    Seanie K 10 meses atrás +34

    Eventhough he turned Ireland down it's hard to dislike Declan. Comes across great here.

    • letsgotoe2toe
      letsgotoe2toe 10 meses atrás +28

      he’s english as they come ya muppet. his grandads aunties next door neighbour dog was irish but she sold it so he was no longer eligible for ireland

    • Lisandro Messinger
      Lisandro Messinger 10 meses atrás

      @letsgotoe2toe but she sold him 😂

    • George Bezer
      George Bezer 10 meses atrás +6

      Yeah he sounds really Irish doesn’t he. Pretty sure he’s been in England a lot longer than Ireland

    • LégionClothing
      LégionClothing 10 meses atrás +1

      Who would even choose Ireland over England?

    • Pete J
      Pete J 10 meses atrás +12

      @LégionClothing he did play for Ireland all the up to 2018. 3 senior caps too, but they were friendlies.

  • Joel Konyeha
    Joel Konyeha Mês atrás +4

    Didn't know they changed the title
    Thought GQ had inside knowledge on the Rice transfer 😂

  • Max jet tv live
    Max jet tv live 9 meses atrás +2

    Declan is a legend

  • amy b
    amy b 10 meses atrás +169

    “and the 11th thing I can’t live without is Mason Mount”

    • GOKU Ehsan
      GOKU Ehsan 10 meses atrás +4

      I see what you did there

    • Mai Vu
      Mai Vu 7 meses atrás

      crystal clear =)))

  • Monsieur Arteta
    Monsieur Arteta 2 meses atrás +7

    He also apparently can’t live without being in London, North London. Welcome, Mr. Rice to the best club in London.

  • Sam Erwin
    Sam Erwin 10 meses atrás +119

    Half expected him to bring out Mason Mount as an essential lol

    • Dabisset
      Dabisset 10 meses atrás +8

      haahhaha pulls him out his little wash bag

  • Fred Nehemie
    Fred Nehemie 9 meses atrás

    it s really a good players , i hope who he will continue making a good career .😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Francis Xavier Dery Zunuo
    Francis Xavier Dery Zunuo 2 meses atrás +12

    He’s now a Gooner ❤

  • FrancoBegbie
    FrancoBegbie 5 meses atrás +2

    Knew he was a talent when he played for Republic of Ireland under 21s .Mon the hammers

  • Ricky Winterborn
    Ricky Winterborn 10 meses atrás +20

    As a boot nerd I can tell you that those aren’t the original Predator Accelerators from 1998 like he says. They’re a remake.

    • CalasTyphon
      CalasTyphon 2 meses atrás

      How do you know?

    • Timbappé
      Timbappé 2 meses atrás

      @CalasTyphon because he's a boot nerd obviously

    • CalasTyphon
      CalasTyphon 2 meses atrás +4

      @Timbappé if he loves boots so much he should use them to touch some grass

    • Timbappé
      Timbappé 2 meses atrás

      @CalasTyphon nice one

    • Antonio M.
      Antonio M. 28 dias atrás

      Exactly! These are the remake! The original boots from 1998 have long cams and Not round!

  • Kell
    Kell 2 meses atrás +2

    Rejecting man city , bayern , psg
    And choose over arsenal
    Leaving london is something that
    Rice can’t live with

  • Elle Marr
    Elle Marr 5 meses atrás +1

    It’s good his dad keeps him humble in golf ⛳️ 😂

  • John McCormick
    John McCormick 2 meses atrás +3

    Incredibly similar to Kai’s lol. Him and Declan about to eat so much candy 🍭🍬 together

  • Nahome Aredo
    Nahome Aredo Mês atrás +5

    I swear he did not join arsenal 8 months ago😭

  • Callum Reed
    Callum Reed 10 meses atrás +6

    just seems like a normal lad like one of our mates we all see on the reg. good stuff. top midfielder.

  • Laurent Illi
    Laurent Illi 4 meses atrás +5

    can‘t wait to see you in red & white next season declan !

  • Sydney
    Sydney 3 meses atrás +1

    Solid player & Lovely Lad!

  • Anthony English
    Anthony English 2 meses atrás +2

    Seems like such a nice guy .

  • sampai
    sampai 10 meses atrás +25

    GQ getting in on the WC hype! CMON ENGLAND!

  • Mark_chrishane07 Playz
    Mark_chrishane07 Playz 26 dias atrás +2

    The fact that they changed the title is so crazy😂

  • Dylan Ó Beirne
    Dylan Ó Beirne 10 meses atrás +1

    Nice lad, can't forgive him for leaving us like that 🇮🇪😔

    • Oceanfive
      Oceanfive 9 meses atrás +7

      His Nan was Irish, he’s like a quarter Irish, he’s also got a strong English accent, I don’t understand how u thought he’d choose Ireland over England when he’s clearly English

    • Andy
      Andy 2 meses atrás +1

      Why are you so desperate for English players to play for Ireland?

    • Mintyz1zr
      Mintyz1zr 2 meses atrás

      I’m fully Irish born in England, I’ve no problem with him playing for England, I don’t care for Ireland’s fc, as I always knew them to be bad, I support England when it comes to euros/worldcups

  • Linda
    Linda 27 dias atrás +3

    they changed the title for SEO purposes since he's now an arsenal player. it helps with rankings so yeah...not that big of a deal lol

  • weekend warrior prospecting

    He copes well without loyalty!

  • Jac
    Jac Mês atrás +2

    Love that GQ went back in and edited the title and description to say Arsenal's.

  • Fall God
    Fall God Mês atrás +2

    They changed the title but now to someone who did not know it looks like they said he was a gunner 8 months ago🤣

  • Michael L
    Michael L 10 meses atrás +16

    Predator accelerator from 98 were classics. Those ones were not the originals though 😉

    • Kayden Hepburn
      Kayden Hepburn 10 meses atrás

      they were i sold them to him

    • Michael L
      Michael L 10 meses atrás +4

      @Kayden Hepburn they’re not the original ones from 98. Completely different insole and sole.
      These are the ones from 2018

  • Sym Phony
    Sym Phony 10 meses atrás +65

    How much ballers are GQ gonna interview?
    P.S I am here after 6-2

  • Government Name Unknown
    Government Name Unknown Mês atrás +2

    I swear he ain’t been at Arsenal that long 😂

  • Emenike Chinonyere
    Emenike Chinonyere 5 meses atrás +5

    Need Ben White of Arsenal on this man 😉😉😉

  • Goldenboykilla
    Goldenboykilla 2 meses atrás

    didn't expect him to be this likeable 😂😂

  • thciswack99
    thciswack99 10 meses atrás +11

    He’s such a like able guy.

  • No Nickname
    No Nickname 10 meses atrás +1

    For the love of god, why can’t they just remake the OG accelerators again, That’s all we want!!!!

  • aaron__14
    aaron__14 Mês atrás +25

    they really changed the title 😂

  • la la
    la la 5 meses atrás +2

    dec rambling about sweets has to be my favourite thing ive seen today

  • 옴뇸뇸뇸
    옴뇸뇸뇸 7 meses atrás +1

    Please do this with Jude Bellingham!!

  • Kameamama
    Kameamama Mês atrás

    This man is so wholesome

  • John Smyth
    John Smyth 10 meses atrás +1

    Those aren’t the original predator accelerators. They are the remakes. Originals had bladed studs and elastic band on tongue.

  • SergeantSnowflake
    SergeantSnowflake 10 meses atrás +9

    Man like Declan ⚒️💪

  • BananaMik
    BananaMik 10 meses atrás +6

    GG to Declan Rice for recording this during half time

  • odlaar
    odlaar 9 meses atrás

    I wanna see the other non England Declan Rices

  • Mr Bennett
    Mr Bennett 9 meses atrás

    Touch a great guy , and great player. But the way he said collab was so funny

  • Mills🫶🏼
    Mills🫶🏼 10 meses atrás +5

    Still waiting for one of these with Joseph Quinn 😭

  • Suiro
    Suiro 2 meses atrás +8

    wtf man suddenly changed to Arsenal's Declan Rice

    • The Daily Snail
      The Daily Snail 2 meses atrás +2

      cause he moved club?

    • Suiro
      Suiro 2 meses atrás

      @The Daily Snail So you open your past youtube video and edit the title? Even West Ham's Declan Rice is still understandable because when the video was uploaded, Rice was still on West Ham

    • The Daily Snail
      The Daily Snail 2 meses atrás +1

      @Suiro yes, they edited the title?

  • Hermann
    Hermann 2 meses atrás +8

    Hopping on the Arsenal algorithm there I see 😉❤

  • Jay Archie
    Jay Archie 2 meses atrás +1

    BRclip recommends this after he signs for my club 😂🎉

  • Nismo
    Nismo Mês atrás +6

    The fact they’ve changed the title shows how big we are COYG

  • Rockyescape89
    Rockyescape89 9 meses atrás

    When you train for performance, sweet is like a drug. Those are my favorite too. Haribo on top of the list.

  • arsenal 101
    arsenal 101 2 meses atrás +19

    They changed the title quick .

  • racist
    racist Mês atrás +1

    imagine playing ultimate team and coming against declan rice

    • $23m :)
      $23m :) Mês atrás

      Lol he prob has a beatson team

  • M. Tactico
    M. Tactico 10 meses atrás +17

    I do the same thing with my skittles😂

  • AyyCee
    AyyCee 3 meses atrás

    I need this man at arsenal asap
    Edit - but I feel like we will fumble this seat

    • Dobri
      Dobri 3 meses atrás +1

      Hes coming to munich

    • AyyCee
      AyyCee 3 meses atrás

      @Dobri lol sure he is. It’s united or arsenal.

    • Dobri
      Dobri 3 meses atrás +1

      @AyyCee I assure you hes Coming to munich, we can even bet Money on it if you want

    • AyyCee
      AyyCee 3 meses atrás +1

      @Dobri he definitely isn’t 🤣 no one rates dinner plate winners. Coman has like 20 - no one cares (unless you’re German) every year the prem steps further and further away from everyone else. You cannoh compete.
      I respect Bayern tho, but you’re just not getting rice.

    • LmaoKiddd
      LmaoKiddd 3 meses atrás

      @AyyCee cry abt it munich is getting him

  • James
    James 10 meses atrás +5

    does he know we have the purple skittles here? or is it a different purple, coz sour tropical and the purple are so nice, way better than original

    • Camberwell86
      Camberwell86 10 meses atrás

      They can be quite hard to find. But in most big towns there's at least one newsagent with a big American range where you find all that stuff, a million Skittles flavours and the import 355ml cans of Fanta and Dr Pepper in every flavour under the sun

    • James
      James 10 meses atrás

      @Camberwell86 I got two corner shops right near my house and both have all 4 flavours. In london though

    • Camberwell86
      Camberwell86 10 meses atrás

      @James one thing I miss about living in the big smoke along with the fact you can get a haircut at 9pm or a pizza at 4am 😂

    • James
      James 10 meses atrás

      @Camberwell86 where did you move to? im now in nottingham and mostly thats still possible lol

    • Camberwell86
      Camberwell86 10 meses atrás

      @James a little gaff called Rugeley in Staffordshire. Our nearest big big places are Brum and Stoke both 25 mile away. But yeah even we've got a couple of newsagents like this but in the cities they're on every other street 😂

  • Trông Anh Ngược
    Trông Anh Ngược 10 meses atrás +1

    I think during half time of a world cup match, they got Declan to interview

  • Jasper J
    Jasper J 10 meses atrás +4

    Him saying beckam is an idol
    My fifa team with them side by side

  • Cryha87
    Cryha87 Mês atrás +4

    Why change the title of the video? 8 months ago Declan Rice was a West Ham player...

  • James Dillon
    James Dillon 10 meses atrás +37

    Please don’t leave West Ham we love you

    • goodbyecibubur
      goodbyecibubur 10 meses atrás +1

      he probably will leave next season mate

    • P0KER
      P0KER 10 meses atrás +3

      Cant wait till he comes to chelsea 😉

    • J1hogz
      J1hogz 2 meses atrás

      @P0KERaged well

    • Blistiana
      Blistiana Mês atrás

      @P0KERonly to join your red counterpart 😂

  • Taizuren
    Taizuren 10 meses atrás +1

    Fair play they're just as worried about their screen time as I am hahaha

  • Joe Flint
    Joe Flint 10 meses atrás +1

    My captain ⚒️

  • Stephen McPhail
    Stephen McPhail 10 meses atrás

    That's hilarious..I've the same boots but in white. When Beckham wore them so did Harry Kewell.

  • Gbn Jzl
    Gbn Jzl 10 meses atrás +3

    At least he didn’t use this time to endorse or promote certain products. I mean watching trent and virgil felt like an add smh

  • Isa Franco
    Isa Franco 7 meses atrás

    It's official: I'm in love with this man

  • Surgehound
    Surgehound 4 meses atrás +2


  • Dry Fly Man
    Dry Fly Man 29 dias atrás

    My wife is addicted to Squashies, but she can’t play football like Dec 😂😂

  • red velvet
    red velvet 10 meses atrás +3

    what a guy 🔥🤩😍

  • Cloud_9
    Cloud_9 8 meses atrás +1

    I feel like Declan is a very uncommon name

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 7 meses atrás

    He was born in 99 so by the time he was playing nobody was wearing those boots. Such a weird thing to lie about

  • Ollie Parkhouse
    Ollie Parkhouse 10 meses atrás +2

    I love this man

  • warlord 187
    warlord 187 2 meses atrás +16

    They changed name to arsenal's haha

  • Penda Fen
    Penda Fen 10 meses atrás +6

    4:35 that's the third footballer in a row I've seen who wears Erba. I need to know why that scent attracts these men so much.

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed Mês atrás +10

    They changed the title thats how massive we are

  • Stream Curator
    Stream Curator 20 dias atrás +2

    He scored against United ❤

  • Basic Account
    Basic Account 2 meses atrás +3

    Can’t wait to see him at the carpet

  • Farhan Uddin
    Farhan Uddin 10 meses atrás +12

    Thought Mount was gonna be here as an essential 😅😅

  • Spillionaire
    Spillionaire 9 meses atrás

    Goyard bags are every pro footballers essential lol

  • Rudi
    Rudi 10 meses atrás

    Rice you legend

  • Andrew Fitzpatrick
    Andrew Fitzpatrick 10 meses atrás +3

    I’d say he changed his mind a few times after filming..
    A bit like his international career

    • harry colman
      harry colman 10 meses atrás +1

      tbf he does have a strong Irish accent, so it makes sense why he should play for Ireland (a team who cant qualify for anything)

    • H Collins
      H Collins 10 meses atrás

      @harry colman played for us all the way up to 2018, played 3 senior friendlies, kissed the badge and said his Irish family was so proud of him. Then threw us in the bin without an apology

    • harry colman
      harry colman 9 meses atrás

      @H Collins he's as much English if not more and maybe just maybe he wants some success in his career instead of not qualifying for anything